Valuable experience, insightful solutions

From Cloud Architecture to Automation to Software Engineering, I have the skills to deliver the value you need. E-mail me to equest a consultation

I have acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge over my many years in the industry. Let’s put them to work on your project. My main areas of expertise are:

Cloud Architecture

I have experience and certifications in both AWS and OpenStack. If you are building a new application in the cloud or moving an existing application to the cloud, I can help you design the best architecture for it. I always start with vendor best practices and build from my experience to ensure your platform will be secure, highly scalable, highly available, and cost efficient.


Whether you need to optimize a workflow or automate it entirely, I can help. There are many tools to achieve various types of automation. I can help you identify which tools are the right fit for your needs. Then, together we can build an automation pipeline that will be robust, efficient, and traceable. My automation efforts have saved clients thousands of man hours and mitigated countless human-error risks.

Software Engineering / Programming

I may have my head in the cloud these days, but my first love will always be Software Engineering. I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, a Masters in Software Engineering, and over a decade of experience building, debugging, and tuning business software. With experience in every stage of the Software Development Life Cycle I know I will be an asset to your team no matter where you need me.

Have a project that doesn’t quite fit these descriptions? That’s fine, too! e-mail me and let’s talk it through. We’ll work together to determine if your project is a good fit for my skill set.