Who Am I?

My background in technology is extensive, from self-teaching to school and community participation to project work. I have spent years learning the nuances of programming. I received a BS in Computer Science and MS in Software Engineering.

  • Collaborating with a PhD professor at Stevens Institute of Technology, I helped build an environment for performing automated combat testing of AI agents in large batches to feed Bayesian networks. Similar to neural networks in that they learn, the end aim was to develop stronger AI.
  • In 2004 I built an in-house contract and license management system for my employer, a system that they still use today.
  • Connecting with and fostering dialogue and community is really important to me. I was invited to speak at BriForum Denver in 2015, and my lecture was titled “One Server to Rule Them All: How to Use PowerShell Desired State Configuration to Automate Your Environment.” The following year I spoke at PowerShell Summit in Washington, doing an LCM Deep Dive.
  • And, just to share my human side, in my spare time I enjoy shredding on the bass guitar, solving puzzles, playing with my newborn daughter, searching projects to do with Raspberry Pi, and tinkering with a mobile game I want to build. Lastly, I’m good at making analogies to explain complex technical stuff in simple terms- which is beneficial in a technically complex field like programming.
  • I can also solve the Rubik’s Cube. Can you?