iPad 3 to Include Haptic Display Technology? – Mac Rumors

I spotted this story on MacRumors this morning. It seems a bit outlandish, but it's still cool to think about: iPad 3 to Include Haptic Display Technology to Provide On-Screen Textures? - Mac Rumors. How cool would this be? It would certainly fit with the message on Apple's invitations to today's media event. Again, it's [...]

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Thoughts on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

So I've had the opportunity to play with the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and I wanted to write down some of my thoughts to see if others who have experienced the new look and feel of Windows have felt the same way. In general, it's been a very positive experience. Before I get [...]

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iOS’s App Store Comes to the Mac, More to Follow?

The interface that Apple provides to its users on the iPhone and iPad for downloading third party applications has been wildly successful, and now that same experience is coming to the Mac. The creation of iPhone OS (now iOS) when the first iPhone was released forced Apple to rethink many things about a device's operating [...]

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Apple Renames iPhone OS to iOS

At his WWDC Keynote speech today, one of the things that Steve Jobs revealed is that version 4 of iPhone OS will be bringing with it an entirely new name: iOS. This seems to be a completely logical change considering how little sense it makes to continue to run the "iPhone" OS on an iPad. [...]

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