Password Strength is Relative to Attack Algorithm

Passwords are everywhere in our technology laden world. The number of accounts a single person has grows constantly (I sign up for a new web site or service at least once a month). Because of this, it's of ever-increasing importance to be smart about how you secure your accounts and choose passwords with a high password strength.

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Adaptive Gadgetry – Exposing Different Functions as a Function of User Capability

What would you want to happen when you earn enough XP to level up your TV? I found an interesting article over at Fast Company about the idea of building devices that dynamically adjust the features that they expose to the user based on the user's perceived abilities.  Interestingly, it's partially based on [...]

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Omgpop, Zynga, and the One Who Got Away

As many casual gamers already know, the company Omgpop, makers of the mobile sensation Draw Something, was acquired by Zynga, makers of Farmville, Words with Friends, and many other popular social and/or casual games. This morning I saw an article on Gamasutra about the one Omgpop employee that didn't sign on to continue working under [...]

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Microsoft vs. Apple, the Fabricated Rivalry

I spotted this headline today: Microsoft banning Mac, iPad purchases by its sales and marketing group? It's a great example of the way that the "rivalry" between Microsoft and Apple is, at times, pretty exaggerated. You can check out the full article for the alleged e-mail defining this new policy, but here is the gist. [...]

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The iPad’s Retina Display Spells The End For Bloated Magazine Apps | Cult of Mac

The Cult of Mac has an interesting article about how the Retina display is going to make it unmanageable for "magazine" apps that store all of their content as fullscreen images: The iPad’s Retina Display Spells The End For Bloated Magazine Apps. What's the solution?  Smarter content creation, they argue, and here's what made my [...]

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