Design, Art, and Science In the Context of Software

I was listening to a recent Hanselminutes podcast where Scott Hanselman speaks with Natasha Irizarry about User Experience (UX) (you can find the podcast episode here), and a very interesting debate got started in my head. Natasha states that what UX designers do is not art and that design, in general, is not art. I [...]

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Worst Practices: Confusing an Estimate with a Target

In software engineering, there is a subtle but significant difference between an estimate and a target. This difference is often overlooked, and can easily lead to conflict that disrupts the progress of a software project. With all of the other potential causes of disruption, software engineers have to eliminate as many risks of this type [...]

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The Ambulance Down in the Valley

A while back, I was discussing some of the nonsensical actions that people take in the software industry with my parents during a visit. my mom told me to look up a poem called The Ambulance Down in the Valley. I wrote it down and forgot about it for months because I was in the [...]

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The Danger of Building a Product on Someone Else’s Service

AppGratis, Recently Pulled from Apple's App Store A few days ago, a popular iOS app, AppGratis, was pulled from Apple's App Store for violating its terms of use. The CEO of the company posted a great story about what happened here. Basically AppGratis is a curated view into the App Store, which also works [...]

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Do Horizontal Lines Make a Good Symbol for a Button?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me what I thought of the "horizontal lines" symbol that is being used more and more frequently to indicate where to click or tap to get to a navigation menu. I really had to take some time to think about it, because I realized I don't usually pay very [...]

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