Never Let the Boss be Surprised

There is a piece of advice I hear tossed around on occasion that goes something like "Never let the boss be surprised." I think it makes sense. Managers need information, both good and bad, in order to make effective decisions.  Although I do think this saying makes sense, I also think it's missing an even [...]

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Worst Practices: Anti-Social Networking

Pro Tip: If you have a company Twitter account, use it for more than blasting out self-serving advertisements. You are wasting the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers, improve their experience, and address their complaints and concerns! Want to see an example of what not to do? Check out @GNCLiveWell. It's not "bad," or [...]

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The Daily – Also Poorly Architected

A few weeks ago I took a peek at The Daily (a "digital newspaper" app from News Corp.) and quickly decided that my time and money were better spent elsewhere when it comes to getting the news.  Bear in mind that I am more strict in my evaluation of The Daily because it requires a [...]

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The Daily – I’ll Pass

On February 2nd, News Corp. launched The Daily, an iPad app that aims to bridge the gap between the print and digital world in the news arena. There were a number of news stories about this one before it arrived because Apple had been working with News Corp. to figure out a subscription payment structure [...]

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