Goldilocks and the Three Functions

How much code is enough code? Does the phrase "less is more" apply here? Some people take pride in condensing their code into "one-liners," but the reality is that makes for obtuse, unmaintainable code where defects love to hide. Sure, there are some cases where gaining performance or some other type of efficiency justifies [...]

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Reading the Event Log with Windows PowerShell

This post is part of the #PSBlogWeek PowerShell blogging series. #PSBlogWeek is a regular event where anyone interested in writing great content about PowerShell is welcome to volunteer for. The purpose is to pool our collective PowerShell knowledge together over a 5-day period and write about a topic that anyone using PowerShell may benefit [...]

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Internationalization with Import-LocalizedData: Part 2

When I first sat down to write this post, this one came out instead. If you're not familiar with the Import-LocalizedData Cmdlet, you might want to start there. I want to talk some more about Import-LocalizedData, but more specifically the way it works with the automatic variable $PSUICulture and some interesting behavior I observed there. [...]

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Internationalization with Import-LocalizedData

Recently I was working on a PowerShell project that involved internationalization. When researching the best approach, I learned about the Import-LocalizedData Cmdlet and it made it incredibly easy to support internationalization in my scripts. Before I really get into things, let me clarify a couple similar but distinct definitions (this is mostly for my own [...]

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Strong Typing Considerations

You could also call this one "Why I Hate JavaScript," but there are many popular languages today that do not employ strong typing. JavaScript was just the language I happened to be working in when the following code had me pulling my hair out for nearly twenty minutes: var value = $("#myTextbox").val(); var calculation [...]

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