WinDirStat is a free program that is great to use when you need to find out where all of your precious hard drive space has gone. Check it out.

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Thottbot Widget is a web site that offers a service related to the MMORPG World of Warcraft.  The service involves the use of an in-game plugin that collects and reports data to a server.  This data is used to produce a searchable catalog of items, creatures, and quests. It is a great resource for players having trouble [...]

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Expression Translator

In this context, we’re talking about simple mathematical expressions like 5 + 5.  There are three ways to write these types of expressions: Prefix or Preorder – In this form, the operator is placed before the operands (+ 5 5) Infix or Inorder – The “standard” way we are used to seeing things.  The operator [...]

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The New

This site has been idle for at least a year, I think.  It's time to shake things up a bit by moving to a new Content Management System so that I can focus more on creating content and less on writing code to display it. I've chosen WordPress as my CMS, and as I have [...]

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