The Logical Fallacy of Pirating Content

The Oatmeal had a comic recently about trying to watch the HBO show Game of Thrones. I thought it was funny, but a bit ignorant, and a poor excuse for doing something illegal. It made me a little angry, but I didn't really want to dwell on it, and after a couple of days of [...]

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Posterous Spaces Acquired by Twitter

News is spreading rapidly that Twitter has acquired Posterous Spaces, a blogging site whose tagline is simply "Share Smarter". Twitter has posted a blog post here, and Posterous has posted to its official blog as well. A snippet from Twitter's post: Today we are welcoming a very talented group from Posterous to Twitter. This team [...]

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10 Reasons to Date a Geek

Harry Mylonadis over at The Next Web has captured the essence of why geeks are uniquely suited to being good partners and mates. To a certain extent, it's embarrassingly accurate. Geek Love: 10 Reasons to Date a Geek  

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Who Put This Spam on My Tab?

The next time you receive text message spam, watch out! It's apparently possible for a third party to add services to your account without your consent. I received a text from "Horoscopegenie Alert" at short code 27140 (the "phone number" that shows on the message). It said I would be charged $9.99 a month and [...]

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Site Updates

I've got a few new goodies set up on the site including The Disqus commenting system - which means you can log in using your twitter or facebook id to post comments instead of having to create an account on the site! Gravatars, globally recognized avatars. Set up a free account and provide an image [...]

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