AWS re:Invent 2018 – The Vendor POV

I got to attend AWS' re:Invent conference again this year. As expected, it was even larger than last year. Instead of focusing on sessions and announcements, I'd like to discuss a bit of a perspective shift I experienced. Normally, attending a conference means two things for me. First, I need to pick the most [...]

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What I Learned from the Pink Mohawk

For the past six weeks, the top of my head has been bright pink. At certain points, it has also been various shades of salmon and peach. Why is that? Despite having a rapidly approaching engagement photo shoot, and recently starting a new job, I have been sporting a Mohawk for six weeks. Every morning, [...]

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Bones – My Learning Experience

Bones is a WordPress theme built by Themble that was recommended to me not long ago by a friend. I had been debating building a custom theme for the site, and I wasn't sure where to start. Now, only a few weeks after I started looking at Bones in my (extremely rare) spare time, is live on my new theme. There are a lot of great features in Bones, and I really like it now that I've gotten used to it. I definitely hit some bumps along the way, though. I want to document the solutions to the frustrating problems I faced, but first I want to talk about the things about Bones that made it possible to put up with all of that frustration.

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Why I Would Not Get a Facebook Phone

I read an interesting article this morning on CNN about why it wouldn't be a good idea for Facebook to release its own branded phone right now. The author argues that the time for a Facebook phone has passed. Earlier, Apple was out in front, and the Android platform was weaker. Facebook's mobile apps also [...]

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The Reposting Epidemic

I've been seeing an interesting trend ever since Pinterest has begun to rise in popularity - repost fever. I know this feature has existed in different ways on many social networks, but it seems to me that the usage of repost functionality on these networks has been changing recently.I think there are two reasons for [...]

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