Assuming a Role from the Instance Profile (AWS PowerShell)

I wanted to share a workaround I came up with for a specific challenge in the AWS PowerShell tools. In a sense, this is an addendum to my Pluralsight course, since it was published before I came across this scenario. I'll try to keep it brief since you're probably only here to get the workaround [...]

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Learn the AWS PowerShell Tools on Pluralsight

I've authored a Pluralsight course on the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell. This is the official AWS PowerShell module for working with AWS resources. If you're familiar with my work, you know I'm no stranger to AWS, and I have a lot of love for PowerShell. Authoring a course that combines those two things [...]

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Amazon SQS Overview (Part 2) – Security and Dead Letter Queues

I previously began my overview of Amazon SQS by covering the basic concepts and API functions. In this post, I want to cover two additional topics of interest to anyone using SQS: queue security and the concept of dead letter queues. Go back and read the first post before continuing. [...]

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Amazon SQS Overview – A Simple but Powerful Queue Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers dozens of cloud services. I'm a huge fan of their Simple Queue Service (SQS). It's invaluable for asynchronous processing workflows and helps you decouple the components of your infrastructure. You can read a lot of the high level information about Amazon SQS on their product page. In this post, [...]

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Baby Connect Project – Design Considerations

Previously, I wrote about my experience creating some automation to keep track of my baby daughter's diapers and bottles using a service called Baby Connect. This time, I'd like to discuss some of the hurdles I faced and design choices I made. If you haven't already read the original article, it would be a [...]

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