How to convince people you’re not there to automate them out of a job

As a consultant focused on optimization and automation, I’m often met with resistance from individuals at my clients. These individuals are afraid I’ve been sent there to replace them with a PowerShell script, leaving them without a job. Here are some of the things I do, and you can too, if you ever need [...]

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AWS re:Invent 2018 – The Vendor POV

I got to attend AWS' re:Invent conference again this year. As expected, it was even larger than last year. Instead of focusing on sessions and announcements, I'd like to discuss a bit of a perspective shift I experienced. Normally, attending a conference means two things for me. First, I need to pick the most [...]

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The Infamous Free Slurpee Story – a Tale of Integrity

The folks who know what's coming are probably grinning from ear to ear right now. This story has followed me for years, and people love busting my chops about it. I'm going to tell it again, though, because I still believe it contains an important lesson about integrity. The story [...]

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Assuming a Role from the Instance Profile (AWS PowerShell)

I wanted to share a workaround I came up with for a specific challenge in the AWS PowerShell tools. In a sense, this is an addendum to my Pluralsight course, since it was published before I came across this scenario. I'll try to keep it brief since you're probably only here to get the workaround [...]

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Learn the AWS PowerShell Tools on Pluralsight

I've authored a Pluralsight course on the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell. This is the official AWS PowerShell module for working with AWS resources. If you're familiar with my work, you know I'm no stranger to AWS, and I have a lot of love for PowerShell. Authoring a course that combines those two things [...]

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